Effective from every angle.

HOLZRING’s main task is to optimize the sales of HOLZRING suppliers with HOLZRING members. The cooperation of the HOLZRING members and the suppliers listed at HOLZRING is promoted via intelligent refund systems. HOLZRING-wide and company-specific performance scales reward stable and growing sales. 

Well-known suppliers have recognized this principle as extremely profitable and have joined the network.

DER HOLZRING - Cooperation for suppliers with entrepreneurship

In its cooperation policy and with regard to its service portfolio, DER HOLZRING has long been geared towards medium-sized to large European wood and flooring retailers. The approach, unique in the industry, of one hundred percent trusteeship, the highest possible cost efficiency through lean structures at the head office and the greatest possible transparency in trading and distribution is tailored to large and successful companies. We want to be of interest to this target group. 

Reliable performance and delivery strength, a convincing quality philosophy and transparent processes are the hallmarks of our suppliers; after all, it's all about long-term cooperation at the highest level.

= lean organization

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= no excessive demands

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= no costs for the supplier

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The best for the best.

The joint development of intelligent refund systems, which form a performance incentive system tailored to the individual supplier's situation, are a key tool for increasing sales and customer loyalty. DER HOLZRING uses bonus optimization methods to ensure that these systems of performance and increase bonuses are actively lived and optimally effective. Realistic projections are used to manage purchasing sales in such a way that thresholds in the bonus agreements are reached and sales to suppliers are increased. 

Suppliers are supported by DER HOLZRING in the handling of business activities with the shareholders. They benefit from various service offers, e.g. the supplier portal, current market data and evaluations, events, individual support. It's worth it.